nvestment also requires imagination do you do that

you may say that the choice of entrepreneurship is a hot head, the brain has this idea, and then go to work, investment also requires imagination, for your business to lay a good foundation.

behind many listed companies, has Zheng Weihe’s shadow, through more than and 10 years of harvest is not easy, because he is willing to imagine, more willing to give companies more room for imagination. Therefore, the enterprise to bring him the return is also very imaginative.

our team member expansion speed is very slow, but very robust, more specifically belongs to the domestic elite group, and the fighting capacity is quite strong, they seem like everyone Garrison death squads, have their own unique skills. So I asked the team members to join the team members are quite high, I can see their qualities and skills.

future for early investment projects, what is the plan?

20 years from securities lawyer to PE investors, and then to the founder of the first China PE limited partnership, and now has become the gem benefit quite lucrative ventures, along the way, how did you feel?

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