Electricity supplier to help farmers in Wenzhou a district was praised

currently, Jingdong, Alibaba are actively promoting the action of the electricity supplier under the township, which will bring new changes in rural shopping. In a district of Wenzhou, the people have already felt the electricity supplier charm. Electricity supplier to help farmers activities into the community, causing great public praise.

"exercise in the morning, you see this community do quite lively, come to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, the amount of blood pressure, give grandson buy snacks, really good!" Today morning, sponsored by the Wenzhou daily newspaper group, Wenzhou net electricity supplier to help farmers "into the community settled in Nanhui street community residents Uncle Wang breeze, not feeling into the community is very convenient.

"business to help farmers into the community" activities into the real life of the residents. In the future, the delivery of green food, health care, financial knowledge and love to send public action and other activities will continue to allow more people to enjoy the convenience of services and participate.

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