Floor stores in the operation should pay attention to what problems

with the development of the real estate industry is getting better and better, and the housing decoration quality is more and more attention to, and now the wood flooring franchise industry is very hot, more and more investors also have joined the industry investment, but as investors, the floor is the franchise will encounter a lot of variety the problem, in the process of operation, so, what are the issues need to pay attention to it, follow the small series to see:

first lot of wood flooring store managers pay great attention to sales quality, may tend to product knowledge, in fact, the floor store sales personnel can give the floor to sell out, but also pay attention to understand the consumer shopping habits and shopping psychology. General consumers in the purchase of home building materials, will go through seven psychological stages. Are: pay attention to the commodity, interested in commodities, use Lenovo have a desire to buy goods or store, evaluation, trust, purchase action, the last is when the customer left the store or use of a commodity was shopping satisfaction. If the sales staff is a good grasp of these seven stages, to provide consumers with the most satisfactory service through observation and communication, can quickly facilitate transactions, and the customer will floor stores provide free word-of-mouth advertising.


in the business process will encounter some difficult customers. Floor stores can be used for different situations, take a tactful way to reject such customers. The corresponding conversion method. For example, the advantage of some customers on the floor of the question, for such customers we have to patiently explain, must not think the customer is deliberately finding fault. Many sales staff for such a situation to provide relevant certificates to consumers, consumers questioned the authenticity of the certificate, the sales staff is easy to dispute with the customer. This will result in a serious loss of reputation to the wooden floor shop, no matter how the customer is God, we must put an end to any possible conflicts and unexpected conditions

Some small

through the above description, it is not difficult to see, want a better business every home stores, the most important is the service, the market now, no matter what the industry, what brand, want to have better management, is the product + service together, as many investors to join the floor well, as long as the above points, do not think the success is difficult.

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