Brother died in parole period brother will donate his body to atone for

brother jailed for 18 years of crime, died in a car accident during parole. Then his brother decided to donate the remains of his brother thought his past acts of atonement.

10 years ago, Liu Daquan was sentenced to life imprisonment for theft. Because of better performance, to 20 years in prison. 1 years ago, he returned home to Tongnan without marriage and birth.

in January 10th this year, Liu Daquan riding a motorcycle accident, the Emergency Rescue Department transferred to the Southwest Hospital. That night, the doctor declared him dead. See the outdoor rescue organ donation brochure, decided to donate the remains of the Liu Daquan family.


the brothers 75 year old mother, according to tradition, should let the original encounter unexpected trouble son laid to rest, once donated remains, even a family would like to read not be retained, so that she could not accept this.


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