The five military region of the people’s Liberation Army was established and the former seven milita

according to the latest instructions, the original China seven military designation revoked, in the future to the PLA five war zone, respectively in five regions in the four corners of the world. Chinese troops entered the era of theater".

2 1, the establishment of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army theater held in beijing. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to the East, South and West theater theater theater, theater, theater North Central grant flag and issued instructions.

with the theater set up to adjust the task is completed, the Shenyang military region, Beijing military region, Lanzhou military region, Ji’nan military region, Nanjing military region, Guangzhou military region, Chengdu military region seven military designation revoked.

the article said that the reform is never easy, China do now is India has tried, but in India, all the proposals have been shelved. "Xi Jinping’s military reform," but not Everything is going smoothly. ", so far, China leadership has succeeded to make key decisions, and in the next 5 years to begin to implement the" outside ", to get inspiration, whether democracy and authoritarian state, if you want to change, the political leadership is very important".

"set up the five war zone is the latest move by Xi Jinping’s military reform", the Reuters said 1, Xi Jinping to promote military reform in the East China Sea and South China Sea in China "increasingly tough occasion", but also as recommended

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