Network purchasing do not earn money to see the story and then judge

despite misgivings about a network of purchasing a piece, but there are still people who cannot resist the temptation of overseas purchasing, and an air crew with their own unique resources successfully wrote online purchasing of rich miracle, let’s look at her pioneering readme:

"shop is my childhood wish, did not expect to come true. Although very hard, but very interesting, but also very satisfied." This year 28 year old white said. She is an online beauty store purchasing shopkeeper, but this is only her part-time job, as airlines flight attendants with her work and personal advantage from around the world can purchase to skin care, cosmetic products is far lower than the domestic counter price. It is precisely because of this, the store came into being.

4 years ago, white Rui candidates became an airline flight attendants, often serving international flights, she have a chance to travel around the world, more frequent Pudong day to buy duty-free shops, so far lower than the domestic counter price of beauty products.

"to date on the duty-free price, compared to the domestic counter is cheap a large margin. Estee Lauder ANR instant repair essence counter price of 880 yuan, eye cream price of $500, while in the day, the price of such a combination of only 820 yuan. Overseas purchasing price may be lower. In the United States, the same set of only $more than and 100, down conversion of about 700 to 730 yuan." Bai Rui said. She figured, overseas purchasing, purchasing, the purchase price is generally the price of domestic counter 50 percent off to 30 percent off, which also gave her the most basic profit online shop.

however, white Rui set profit rate is not high, the general day purchase increase 5% to 10%, 15% to 20% overseas purchasing price." She said.

although only online shop, can take care of is always inevitable, as the flight attendants white Rui may not always hang on the line. So, how to communicate with customers and how to do it?

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