Which home textile brands are more reliable

a lot of people want to open home textile stores, in the selection of the project when we are inevitably a bit confused. There are a lot of home textile brands, then, which home textile brands are more reliable? Small series will be introduced below to introduce you a few good home textile franchise brands, a look at.

on the product features, violet home textile with fresh and elegant characteristics of embroidery, jacquard, printing bed products, hundreds of series of bedding flowers each year have achieved a high reputation in domestic and international market, products cover suite, four pieces, quilts, pillow and other eleven series of more than and 200 models. Material stress, novel style, excellent workmanship, affordable. Product design will be combined with Chinese culture and modern French culture, its fashion philosophy of life won the favor of customers, and difficult to emulate peers.

in product design, and the demand of consumers Home Furnishing Han green well versed in the beauty of life, the development trend and the trend of the painstaking in-depth market research. South Korea fashion design inspiration, Korean 3D stereo technology as the core technology to get rid of the traditional printing and dyeing, jacquard, fusion of British pastoral style design philosophy, personality and fashion, leisure and pastoral, create a unique taste and green Han Home Furnishing sentiment — unique, elegant, noble, elegant, meet the modern pursuit of life high quality and personalized.


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