The health care industry out of chaos problem how to change the status quo

many people feel those drugs and health care products is good, even is like "a ready-made panacea", as long as people say we must try. The results not only cost money, but also hurt their bodies. The following news is one of the best examples, so that consumers and the community began to reflect.

72 year old Aunt Wang, usually live frugally, for health, eccentric purchase all kinds of health care products, in the home of 13 large and small paper box filled with a few years to buy this department drugs, a total of more than and 30 varieties, investment of nearly 400 thousand yuan. But CCTV financial reporter carefully looked at these so-called drugs, mostly without any approval, unknown. Health care products did not bring her health, leaving behind the pain is a heavy external debt…… This is a report on the financial channel.

with the strengthening of health awareness, all kinds of health care products also emerge in an endless stream. Some businesses manipulating the elderly on the health of common concern psychology, under the guise of free medical examination, free health lectures, three health care product market aggressively, some companies also used false propaganda to the formal health care products, emphasizing the effect of kengmeng consumers. Although the authorities and relevant management are inexhaustible intervention and guidance of the industry, and constantly introduce various measures and laws and industry standards also increased in the inexhaustible, but the result is not significant.

The root

is to resolve the problem of chaos, to the healthcare industry, information transparency is the key, which requires the establishment of sound health care products traceability system. Through the process of health care professional, authoritative traceability platform, is enough to make consumers trust the third party intervention in the market, through the process of the authorities and third party independent quality control certification and labeling for each process, the entire public product traceability from raw material processing, the product starting, logistics, distributors, to reach the hands of consumers the consumer to provide true, accurate information of health care products. In order to protect the consumer’s right to know, but also to better avoid the food producers emphasize publicity.


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