Where are the investment opportunities for the next 3 years

to my understanding of the Chinese market, and combined with previous experience, I feel the development of the back, there are some of China’s original ecological model on the internet. China to this stage, its consumer local market slowly can produce such a demand driven, the company’s development is driven by consumers, and finally became a big company.

if the face of consumers as start-up companies, its services are not built in wireless or mobile phone, in fact, this is a very big challenge. In fact, the intelligent mobile phone it is part of our body, 2 years later, most of the people shopping or social good, instead of the traditional Facebook, Google, Baidu or Tencent, it must be said that you must do product for the user to start from the radio, to think from the inside of a platform so small. For example, we used to work with both hands, and now you have to make a single hand.

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