5 strokes teach you to become a small entrepreneurial talent

now more and more people into the ranks of entrepreneurs, but also become more and more brutal fight, do not take the unusual way, so that entrepreneurship is not defeated. A small investment return, 2012 small business Master five strokes.

the increasingly fast pace of life, many white-collar workers are usually busy no time to take care of daily life, therefore, many disposable supplies popular these white-collar welcome, a huge market has been born lazy. This shop in the store like lazy personality abroad also called theme store. There are also similar to the elderly supplies stores, fat clothing stores, etc.. Marketing industry believes that personality stores often have no experience to follow, but first of all to touch the quasi consumer psychology. For example, the lazy shop should be done an article on lazy words, many sales some really can make customers lazy products.

second strokes, DIY toy

Third, energy saving and emission reduction

Fourth strokes, fashion accessories

fifth strokes, sexy women

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