Chongren Jiangxi small loan guarantee policy to help Entrepreneurship

by virtue of their own economy is not many entrepreneurs, after all, entrepreneurship is not a trivial matter, often require a lot of money, so the loan business has become a very normal thing. However, the general loan approval time is not long, but it is difficult to approve. But Jiangxi Chongren provide small secured loans, so as to help more people on the road to embark on the road.

in recent years, Chongren County Bureau of labor and employment services in employment within the scope of work best for entrepreneurs to provide policy support, strengthening entrepreneurship training, business training and guidance of policies to support the free training and interest free small loans to implement.

since 2002 to set up a "Chongren microfinance Credit Guarantee Center", the center in strict accordance with the documentation requirements of the preliminary application of small loans to qualified materials will further store site of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial projects, the actual operating conditions, scale, employment etc. to verify, at the same time, as well as follow the Employment Guidance Center Supervisor for entrepreneurs management give on-site guidance, put forward reasonable suggestions, improve the core competitiveness of the business entity entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs quickly embarked on the orbit of virtuous cycle management.

is now in the country in order to help the development of entrepreneurship, introduced a lot of preferential policies, so as to achieve the dream of more entrepreneurs. This Huimin policy of small loans for Chongren County, many independent entrepreneurs to provide convenient, reduce operating in the process of financial pressure, let their establishments can operate better and continue to grow, bring more employment in Chongren County, drive economic development.

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