A speech despised Li Denghui betrayed the Diaoyu slands

Li Denghui as a former leader of Taiwan China, although now retired, but his every word and action or relates to many aspects, recently, he accepted the media interview when visiting Japan, even claimed that the Diaoyu Islands are Japanese, which has aroused people’s anger.

Media question

The former leader of

According to the

the KMT legislator Wu Yusheng said, Li Denghui expressed this position in front of Japanese is the "national humiliation", such a serious matter, did not see the DPP chairman Cai Yingwen has condemned any. He also asked "TSU" expression position, whether to support or oppose Li Denghui’s argument.

and the new party chairman Yu Muming this morning is to Taiwan "high office", bell denounced Li Denghui suspected of "treason".

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