Business should pay attention to the usual small move

maybe we do not pay attention, but often a small move is likely to affect the development of our business. My friend has been working in a hotel near me, recently because the boss a family to travel, so the hotel business temporarily handed over to a friend. As long as we go out, less than a few minutes we can meet, but because they are busy with their own business, or a little bit of contact with each other.

every night I just stood in the door of my shop, you can see the light shining friends Hotel, a beautiful landscape in our street, hotel direction yesterday evening I again habitually station to a friend in front of the store to look, feel the lack of what, look again. The scenery was gone, no wonder I feel a lack in front of what? I can not help but pick up the phone to call a friend, played a few times, no one answered, there is a customer to buy cigarettes, I forgot to call a friend.

when I had just finished the business at the store, the phone rang, I took the phone, is a friend back, has not let her speak with me on the phone from her: " how are you doing today, how light do not open the phone side to the store outside, the bright wind landscape appeared, friends said, "thank you, I said Laner, wondering how you have no business hotel this evening, to find their own reasons here, that is because there is no open box, I asked the neighbors do not remind me"!

second days, because of the heavy rain, in the rain, a figure ran to my shop, the original is the friend telephone last night, she is for hotel guests to buy cigarettes, then I bought a lot of hotels need other things, in fact she is small hotel next door, I bought a bottle of water or drink what, she habitually beside her store here, rare. Today although outside she can come here It’s raining and blowing hard., consumption, I know that this is because a reminder call last night to a friend shed tears of gratitude, telephone shortens the distance between us!

in fact, in our daily lives, many of them are a casual move, but it may have a very big impact on our business. In ordinary life, because of a small move we can drive our business inadvertently, to remind others, help others at the same time is actually in their own success, whether friends or neighbors, as long as we think about it, occasionally remind me of it anyway, maybe an unexpected harvest for your business!

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