Entrepreneurial innovation has become a new engine for the development of Dalian

2015, double from a little sparks of fire for the rapid development of Liaoyuanzhishi, in China with entrepreneurial Sheng yan. On the occasion of the entrepreneurial spirit, the city of Dalian launched a new plan, vow to create "entrepreneurship and innovation of northeast asia".

2015 years, Liaoning, Dalian, the creation of a passenger and passenger space "fire".

Director of Dalian Municipal Bureau of human resources and social

3 months, supporting the implementation rules "released", wildly beating gongs and drums of Dalian municipal Party committee, municipal government clear incubation platform construction objectives,   service content, supporting policies and measures, give 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan subsidy funds for municipal Incubation Platform;   the standard 10 thousand yuan per person, organization excellent in high levels of entrepreneurial talents training or communication study; for the first time to purchase commodity housing 100 thousand yuan to give a one-time purchase subsidies; give 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan of outstanding entrepreneurial venture funds to support enterprises.

Open the treasure box

2015 in June, Dalian’s first coffee business — "8 entrepreneurial coffee" officially inaugurated into operation. This is a unique business incubator platform, where the creation of customers to provide training, investment and financing docking, project packaging, such as one-stop business services. Less than half a year, 19 distinctive new business incubator platform, one after another emerged. 2015, Dalian new business incubation area of nearly 160 thousand square meters,   settled incubator enterprises nearly 900.

innovative ways to enhance the entrepreneurial innovation "acceleration" of


as soon as possible to know the policy to let entrepreneurs make policies really benefit entrepreneurs, Dalian Municipal Bureau of human resources and social related departments into University, face-to-face for college students and to the interpretation of the policy, hackerspaces and entrepreneurial boss, business mentor and investors can talk business, ask demand.

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