Zhang Yan will be re designed to attract more customers

what is the influence of the design of a store on the business of the store? If it is not the owner, perhaps there is no way to really understand, but if it is a shopkeeper, I believe that this will have a more profound experience. Zhengdong wolfberry island is located in Zhoushan Shengsi Island, there is a unique style, simple fishing village folk. There is a famous hometown of mussels, "sea ranch," said. The wonders of Shanhai, East Ya cliffs, show the nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits to the people. In the island of Shengsi, it is not only the most blue sea, the beach is the smallest, most far away from the pollution of Taoyuan.

retail customers Zhang Yan stores opened in the art on the street of gouqi Island, because each kind of conversational customer manager called her "the swallow". With the development of island tourism, more and more foreign tourists have come to the island of the "land of idyllic beauty". Swallow shop business is booming. But one thing that touched the heart of "swallow", she is determined to make its own store to a complete face transplant". In the course of the business, she found that many tourists came to her door when the shop will not consciously detour to a nearby supermarket to buy a good image. A question because the shop is gray, the image of the old so that visitors can not stop, but also on the quality of the goods in her store have doubts.

will "swallow" mind tell the customer manager Liu Ronghua Liu Ronghua on her lot location, business scale, sales ability is analyzed, that her shop in line with the construction of modern terminal requirements. In the communication of the modern terminal will also play the role of the manager, to obtain the proceeds, after the completion of the management are described in detail. Through the introduction of the elimination of the "swallow" concerns, the two sides reached the intention of building, and soon manager Liu for her shop targeted design.

swallow shop opened in the group art street, on the island is a relatively prosperous sections, and with the development of tourism, the increase in the number of passengers, the store’s operating capacity gradually increased. Therefore, in this section to set up a modern terminal, is conducive to enhancing the image of the store, improve visibility, attract customers eye.

shop is a shop facade, but also a necessary carrier of external propaganda. "Swallow" home signs are designed by the Zhoushan tobacco companies in line with the characteristics of the island shop recruit. The shop signs color is used in ocean blue, yellow edge buddha. The overall feeling is simple, eye-catching. "Swallow" shop opened in the group art street, so in the street name, named "group art street cigarette retail".

For the same color and signage cabinet

Liu manager through the integral exchange form for "swallow", an additional benefit from striking and beautiful like the cigarette, and the uniform price tag, is done well". "The back cabinet and swallow" configuration of the same style, unity and cabinet style, self-contained. In the name of Liu manager

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