Lei Jun the nternet and the countryside will become a hot spot in the future

founder Lei Jun millet is an excellent entrepreneur, he put forward many ideas in the entrepreneurial road, forecasts the future development trend of the entrepreneurial environment, let many people look up to as the standard. Lei Jun said that the Internet and rural areas will be the main focus of investment in the future innovation and entrepreneurship.

"future rural will have tens of billions of dollars in Internet Co was born, all rural will cross the city development and city development of direct Internet standards, and this change is happening." Lei Jun said today at the sixth annual meeting of the new finance. The following is the core view of Lei, including 3 Dafengkou and for the next 10 years of entrepreneurial environment prediction.

1 outlet: rural Internet

rural Internet contains massive opportunities for innovation, "too much!" Lei Jun "shining eyes". In the past, the Internet business is the core of the city, and the countryside will cross the Internet directly into the mobile internet.

Shun when put investment in rural Internet 3 years ago, did not find a business, no one is willing to return to the rural areas, people are willing to do this hard to live without B. "But the good news is that we see the industry taking off." Lei Jun said. Shun began investing 2 years ago, has now invested in more than and 10, according to Lei Jun’s idea, at least the next investment 100.

"we feel like that sell shoes to Africa story, no shoes, the market immeasurable. In rural areas can do anything, the past 20 years, we have developed in the city of IT, Internet, mobile Internet all of these things, in the countryside in a new form." Lei Jun said.

2 outlet: Enterprise Application

There are two key

"Internet plus": 1, user experience, and enhance the efficiency of 2. Around these two things, "you will find that you can do almost everything in the world!"


: intelligent hardware outletThe originating

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