What are the difficulties of College Students

more and more college students have left the ivory tower, because they do not want to work for others, set foot on the road of independent entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is not so simple, imagine, there are many difficulties, are blocked in the stumbling block on the road.

a starting point to find difficult: it is understood that at present, many university graduates have their own business ideas, but could not find suitable projects, many graduates do not know how to learn his and economic benefits together, how to find in the society to a new "plot" himself to prove their abilities, and create economic value.

two difficulties: lack of funds of funds students to start their own businesses, it is a difficulty for them, most students go to school when the economy is the source of parents, but most of the family’s economic conditions only for the children to school, can really provide children with venture capital is less and less. Although the government has a policy of College Students’ lack of self financing, can apply for small loans to the unemployed, but some students think the amount of the loan preferential policies are too few, too cumbersome formalities.

three difficulties: less social experience of current college students has become a lack of social experience through glass. If entrepreneurial after graduation, students must have rich social experience, on their own business conditions are analyzed, making their business plan, to see whether they have a future boss temperament and psychological quality, such as capacity, innovation the risk ability, decision-making ability and leadership skills; to do the market investigation and analysis, accurate grasp of market information; good market forecast, establish business ideas, design and market entry strategy; to learn financial management; to write the business plan and so on. It is also a test for a college student who has just come out of the ivory tower.

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