Movie bar innovation model more popular

generally, a movie is a movie, the bar is the bar, rarely take this two to combine, however, Beijing has a bar like this, not only the combination of the two, but also achieved success, has attracted numerous consumers. So, the movie bar, such a special business model is a successful model oh.

in Beijing, Sanlitun is a place known as the "bar", it can be said that here brings together 80% of the bar in Beijing. So here, a bar to stand head and shoulders above others, difficulty as can be imagined.

which is called a "swallowtail" bar can quickly stand up, summed up the reason in this bar on the theme of propaganda. "Swallowtail butterfly" is a movie themed bar. It subverts the bar can only be a simple wine and coffee mode, but the film and bar soft together. "Swallowtail butterfly" successfully attracted countless people imitate. Many bar investors tend to be biased towards this unique model.

investment analysis

open a general scale theme bar, including store rent, equipment, purchase drinks, decoration, film equipment, service personnel wages, fees, expenses and taxes, a total of 200 thousand yuan.

if you already have a bar, on the basis of the original renovation, and then adding the film equipment as auxiliary equipment, which is about 2-5 million yuan investment can be fixed up. The projection equipment may need to nearly 50 thousand yuan, if only to buy a projector and a DVD player, a set of equipment of 20 thousand yuan is enough.

shop tips

film equipment purchases, such as projector and film for ordinary people, probably are hard to find, to spend some thought, can also be used to replace the projector and DVD player, just watch the film taste is not the same. It is also important to find some alternative or avant-garde films.

the owner of the bar must have a certain culture or industry has enough enthusiasm and unique taste, so as to make the theme bar connotation, thus attracting a lot of bar.

film and bar combination is a kind of a good idea. In the same way, you can also run the classic music bar, movie coffee bar, the key is to have their own characteristics.

now the number of bars is more and more, therefore, if you want a hot business, you can attract more consumers, naturally need to be innovative in the business model above. The combination of the film and the bar model through the market test is no doubt to show us that it is qualified, it is worth trying.


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