Open micro shop in the circle of friends how to accurately identify customers

believe that many people have such experience, there is a friend around the micro shop opened, so the circle of friends is his / her hair ads, but only under the shield. This is the current number of micro businesses are faced with the status quo, open micro shop easy? Micro business is not as simple as you imagine, micro business to do? Especially for any micro business, the customer is the most important, and how to find it?

a good micro business, he would like to have their own stability of the source, then how to find a micro business source plus friends? Send pictures, send text, you will find someone to buy, money will go to your pocket. I can tell you it’s not possible. Maybe you’ve seen a lot of people succeed, but have you seen the effort behind them? Do not think that WeChat is playing it. As soon as you decide to do it. We must make full preparations and efforts! So you can succeed!

every day we can see the circle of friends are all kinds of products flooding, frankly, really annoying. Strange is black, but some are friends, colleagues, you can not pull black. But once unbearable trouble, one day you can! Don’t stop the scraper, one day you will find that, when it is found really something to find a friend. You have been mercilessly pulled black. What is the meaning of hurt feelings but no benefit.

what I want to say is that the circle of friends does not play like this!

you can sell products, but you have to have a way. You want to have the intention of your products to take the initiative to add you. Instead, people everywhere with a scraper, repeat. Besides, now WeChat circle of friends limit the number of 5000! You want so many zombie powder, no value.

to share with you a few ways to teach you how to attract customers to take the initiative to find accurate.

when you just started to do the marketing circle of friends, must not do like a novice, send pictures, and then write some introduction. For example, you are selling cosmetics, in your circle of friends, if you do so, you may be thinking: as long as I have been constantly sending pictures, and then there will be someone else to find me. Is this a joke, said there was a novice, just contact WeChat marketing, so in accordance with the above method, continue to send pictures, the results, not to 10 days, when he wanted to chat with friends, he found that his friends are basically his shield. It’s a joke, but it’s not hard to see that these things are likely to happen to you.

here, I explain to you the difference between Taobao and WeChat, I think it is necessary. Because it is possible that you are transferred from Taobao to WeChat. Things do not say, simply say that the different point about the two, Taobao is based on the relationship between business and the.

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