Li Shufu an offbeat geek car crazy gambler

people say, three years old to see the old, sometimes, this sentence is really a bit of truth. Li Shufu once recalled, "when I say gambling money, won 1 dollars, all down, 4 blocks, 8 blocks all down, and then put down, 16 block. Some people win 1 dollars, they will recover the hair of the 5, he won significantly less money than I do. But I bet this, may last all have no, one is not left." As he described, the next more than and 20 years, Li Shufu every time he earned the money "put down", bet on an industry.

19  that year, Li Shufu borrowed more than and 100 dollars from his father, his master from Shanghai with a camera. The only master back to lose the first battle, camera bag, put the camera to the thief. He was not willing to borrow and 80  dollars, bought a second camera, started nearly a year of business street photos. At that time the camera is regulated by the industry, the need to go through the approval of the Public Security Bureau, there is no license plate, Li Shufu did a half a year later, before the official opening of the museum.

90  in the early 1990s, the Hainan real estate bubble, Li Shufu lost tens of millions, afterwards he used a sentence summed up his "only do industry", and decided to enter the motorcycle industry. The cross in the first cage in front of him is the national industrial policy, the young Li Shufu went to the motorcycle Management Department of Beijing Machinery Department, rash said, "we want the production of motorcycles, are you here number?"

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