The rich Cheats small business success of the 11 step

introduction: for a lot of money capital background people, small business is definitely a good choice of business. So how can we succeed in doing poineering work? Xiao Bian will tell you rich cheats, only 11 steps you can easily get the market wealth, become a billionaire.


want to business success, preparatory effort can not be less, before the start, should first turn to the professional business advisory body or consultant. Of course, there’s business management consultant advisory fees many, can take some advice, but if you do not want to spend the money, you can also choose some free consultation institutions, such as the association and government agencies, and use these free consulting resources.

second step written business plan


planning book writing, for the entire entrepreneurial process, is not only necessary, but also very important. Because, through the planning to write the book, not only can make you more clearly know the plan is complete and perfect, to find someone to invest in or provide advice, it is more specific in content; if you want to apply for youth entrepreneurship loans, must also attach the proposal.


everything is difficult to start, do not want to venture capital is more difficult. In the doldrums, fund-raising is not easy at the moment, want to start the business must first solve the funding problem.

fourth step to selected industries decide the product


On the basis of

to prepare their own funds, the first screening can be put into the industry, and then, according to the prospect of the industry, their own interest, expertise, past related work experience, industry competition and other factors, to evaluate the considerations, see yourself for those engaged in industry, as well as in the industry which has the most competitive advantage. So, do business,

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