Operators should do the overall entrepreneurial innovation enabler

society has a very big influence to build innovation environment, innovation and entrepreneurship to make atmosphere more strong, to better implement the management policy, everyone needs to devote. Recently, Cai Quangen said in a speech on, operators should do the overall entrepreneurial innovation enabler.

Development: redefining operators

service standards

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is now a national strategy, and Shanghai will also build science and technology innovation center with global influence as the Shanghai municipal one subject, the urgent need to focus on promoting industrial innovation and development, improving the quality of life, improve the city operation management, the innovation of government service mode, the Internet will the technology, thought, experience, ecological and traditional industries combined with the depth of the traditional industry, driving the digital transformation, promote the integration of informatization and industrialization depth, create favorable ecological conditions for "public entrepreneurship, innovation".

"specifically, the two threshold is a mode of production on the threshold. With the demand side showing a growing trend of personalized, standardized production is equivalent to the traditional degree can not keep up with the changing needs of consumers, not consumers recommend rhythm

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