Store business to avoid unpleasant things two things

in the process of online business, if you ignore the views of customers, blindly from the store’s own interests, it is possible to make customers feel unhappy, and thus affect the development of the entire store business. So, if you run an online shop, here you need to avoid the unpleasant two things happen.

case 1:

a few days ago, the purchase of a flagship store in the online brand of a pair of shoes is still quite a pair of casual shoes, the kind of look forward to the mood of the online shopping experience. Three days later, shipment delivery, logistics from speaking is ok. The experience should be the important sign, immediately opened a pair of shoes…… Dizzy dish! Squeeze?"…… From the receipt to the experience, less than three minutes, completely the mood of the two, from joy to depression!

contact customer service immediately. Of course, the program’s greetings and comfort words such as surgery, can accept, most people uncomfortable is pro, you should pay back the freight, after the arrival of the goods to you return the advance freight"…… Advance freight is small, but from the perspective of service and experience, all these will cause uncomfortable feeling to the consumer, after all, is because businesses send the wrong goods, customers have an unpleasant feeling, but also to advance freight exchange, which will let consumers into binary impression. I have been stubborn temper, resolutely return (to pay the freight, I never advance habit)!


any business activities can not be without mistakes or errors, how to deal with the most critical in a timely manner, especially in the details. After all, in the face of mistakes or errors, the customer feel and to quickly handle the expectations of the psychological, the business has a higher expectations. So, all businesses should be from the consumer standpoint, warm the heart of Mandarin (words) is necessary, more important is to start from the details, to deal with the problem of properly. This small case may not see, but it does exist, a "advance", silent the customer to thousands of miles away. The pants off fart trick, suggest that businessmen do not use harm!

case 2:

recent online shopping is more, for the satisfaction of online shopping will never be too much to analyze, because this is the business should do, and for the unhappy online shopping, like spit tucao. The weekend at home, it will be in line to stroll. Daughter said to change a new mosquito nets, they search. Less than half an hour, they will be in accordance with the requirements of the daughter and choose a single. A few days after the goods arrived, her daughter is very satisfied. The merchant is still inside the card attached a 5 points praise and screenshots, stand back is now 5 yuan in cash"! I am a person who likes to experience, but also a person who likes to study, of course, as a consumer, have a love of cheap psychological.

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