Liu Feng the story of entrepreneurship in the public WiFi Market

public WiFi for a large number of young consumers very attractive, many businesses and even this as a major competitive factor, since the public WiFi market is so prosperous, so you have to create their own wealth in this industry? Liu Feng is a good example.

27 year old Liu Feng last year from the graduate Chinese academy graduate, placed in front of him: there are several broad road or continue to engage in scientific research, professional advice, or learn to use; listen to the teacher read or listen to the call of Bo; his alma mater, to return to the Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; or go abroad, the army, the civil service exam. If you stay in Beijing, Beijing hukou, it is not difficult, but he made a surprise to everyone – back to the three line of the city of Liaoning Jinzhou venture.

with the knowledge learned, he dug into the life of the first pot of gold

Liu Feng want to start a business idea is not accidental, as early as during the graduate student, every time the subject, he can put the study of things and social applications together.

A, his mentor to developed a kind of agent, its application in licorice, can promote the mature quantity more than 1 times. Licorice is a root vegetable, in the deserts, sand, soil and wind sand has a significant effect, and it does not destroy the land, environmental protection is very important. Can also be applied to corn, improve production. Because the agent cost is relatively high, not suitable for China traditional agriculture, Liu Feng’s mentor in the German patent application, and success. Liu Feng’s focus is not on the project itself, but to focus on the subsequent marketing. If the results of scientific research can not be converted into practical application, he felt a huge waste.

this agent can also be used in alkaline treatment. 2013, Liu Feng and a few like-minded partners to open a small partner company. With graduate students learned, just a short time, he made his life of the first pot of gold – 100 thousand yuan.

Chuaizhe this 100 thousand yuan, Liu Feng in entrepreneurial fire burning up.

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