Fresh high five the crux of the problem difficult to eliminate wool out in pigs

in order to meet the needs of the office workers, fresh electricity providers have been born, and the development of the industry is not very satisfactory, fresh electricity supplier really difficult to make money? Where is the reason? Intention to do fresh electricity supplier friends may wish to look at.

or in order to circumvent this problem, the recent fresh wind quietly from the B2C to the O2O extension. First in April the Jingdong will "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", after the resignation of the founder of HUAWEI glory CEO Liu Jiangfeng fresh O2O platform Dmall, Jingdong and Dmall chose to home and supermarkets, they only do "errands" distribution.

however whether O2O can completely bypass the B2C mode high logistics and high loss before the two minefield? Traditional B2C model and how to realize the differentiation of fresh O2O and the effective control of cost through the supply chain management? These are all new problems.

light mode

"fresh annual retail sales have two trillion, the electricity supplier is a big market, has not yet been a big platform." The choice of fresh electricity supplier as the direction of entrepreneurship, Liu Jiangfeng told reporters in Nandu. Dmall aim is different from the original life, I bought the network, Tmall first mover meow fresh mode.

"is simply me from the supermarket to the consumer purchase, to consumers at home, Dmall is equivalent to the supermarket business department." Liu Jiangfeng said. Its source from the supermarket, does not involve warehousing, cold chain links, so the risk of fresh electricity supplier loss of the biggest problem is greatly reduced. The only focus on the user, do the "last mile" sorting logistics and transaction payment link.

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