Children’s clothing monopoly purchase related issues

the new season, businesses vigorously purchase, sometimes may pay no attention to their own businesses, the purchase process can also cause some misunderstanding. Children’s monopoly purchase easy to go into what errors? Many franchisees are not very familiar with this issue, today Xiaobian to share, let’s take a look at it.

expert analysis of children’s wear four monopoly purchase errors, mainly in: 1, the price is high, 2, style is little, 3, 4, low discount, quality assurance. Here we look at.

solution: value, price is the key, in allowing their sales environment and the strength of the case, to maintain the highest price, product quality also represents the grade and the grade of the store. So when the wholesale price is not enough to see light.

styles: less when buying something, turn a circle, you want to style or not, even if there are tens of thousands of styles are not enough, perhaps too many things carry presbyopia, can also say how so few I love the style, if it is to buy their own words does not matter, but if as a wholesale, is quite scary. The most taboo is just a shop or a web site, asked whether there is a new, for new customers, all the models are new.

solution: not to choose in their own eyes, unless you are very experienced. If the customer is slightly different from your perspective, you will lose the customer. Wholesale is for sale, whether they like it or not, a good sell on the line, as to what can be sold to wholesalers, or experienced people

discount low price: all people will want to be able to get a discount price cheaper, but what a pure digital is also a game? I want to sell my clothes 20, 100 for 90 percent off, and 22 for 10 percent off, a look that is still out of sheep wool on this kind of deceptive way often misled many consumers, although this is a marketing strategy for the customers, but it is deceived, when people pursue a lower discount, is often put themselves to set in, especially wholesale.


discount can be said to be false, the greater the discount of water is greater, so we want to see and compare the actual price is the final price, and the price level, don’t be fooled by the low discount and often, this result also leads to quality and service has shrunk

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