Chinese food on the selection of Liao ribs these advantages let you rest assured

said to the brine ribs will immediately think of the old brand has been operating for 34 years, Liao ribs, Liao ribs brand how to join? Value is not worth entrepreneurs to join? Read the following introduction, I believe you will understand.

Liao ribs (Group) company adhere to the "quality of survival, brand development, management for efficiency, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" business principles; advocating "people-oriented" concept of modern management, the establishment of a "truth-seeking, dedication, innovation, high efficiency" of the modern management team.

yesterday, Liao ribs by virtue of historical and cultural heritage and richly endowed by nature of the "halogen" culture pursuit unremittingly spirit, we have reason to believe: only Liao ribs, shoulder to "promote the culture of halogen, halogen create miracle" of the historical mission of great responsibility! Only Liao Pai can play bone "halogen" field research and development "halogen" boutique


join advantage:

advantage: 34 years of well-known brand

was founded in 1758 (Qing Liao ribs Qianlong twenty-three years), but Liao’s first Zu Li going through hardships, and thoroughly tempered. The brand was founded in 1982, after 34 years of sustained and stable operation, has become the province of large private food enterprises, famous brands are Liao ribs at home and abroad, well known.

advantage two: core technology patent protection

The biggest advantage of

is that the Liao ribs can not copy the lo technology. After several generations of painstaking research and development, a number of original bittern, eventually self-contained. 2006, Liao ribs patented technology application, the industry’s first patent application technology enterprises.

three: government shoubian the only set of taste, nutrition, diet as a whole food lo

"Liao ribs" was named the first food culture festival in Mianyang. Due to the unique production techniques and inimitable taste, is the people of Mianyang known as the "Fucheng one", Mianyang City Administration for Industry and commerce with the "Liao ribs" plaque, become the country’s first government shoubian enterprises.

advantage four: a long history of brine.

advantage of five: investment in the classic halogen halogen.

the bittern Liao ribs out of food with "color aroma and taste, shape, meaning, fresh taste of the six features, consumer evaluation:" become an independent school, quality assurance, the true flavor of a food industry leader ". Products suitable for all parts of the country, becoming the first choice for many investors.

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