How to face the dilemma of low success rate of College Students

college students entrepreneurship ushered in the era of rapid development, but in the booming entrepreneurial market, hidden failure rate is more than 90% of the grim reality. College students are faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

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if the enterprises bigger and stronger and even listed as business success, so the success percentage is not high. However, if people with entrepreneurial dreams, so just stop, will regret?

"failure is normal, the greatest wealth in life is that you had all failed." A few months ago, when sharing entrepreneurial experience with college students in Taiwan, Ma issued a sigh. In his view, it is the failure to exercise their ability to fight, and learned from the left hand warm right". 1999 start-up Alibaba, Ma to Chinese enterprises to promote e-commerce model is extremely difficult. At that time they ran a dozen customers, but was rejected. Finally, there is a promise to try, which makes them highly encouraged. And this optimism, he became one of the elements of success.

for Xu Xun in the eyes of Tongji University Student Employment Guidance Center for entrepreneurship, regardless of success or failure, is the spirit of innovation and comprehensive ability to exercise, this is not learned in university courses in. Since last year, Tongji University opened a 400 square meters of the region, to create entrepreneurial valley". The first to be invited to settle down, is the six or seven has begun to take shape of science and technology enterprises. The enterprise’s mission is to take college students venture together, let them say goodbye to "play" like business simulation games, hone their business experience in the real thing.

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