Beijing Changping District take four measures to promote the development of entrepreneurship

is now all over the country in order to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, have adopted some preferential policies, which will have a bigger boost to local entrepreneurial career development, Beijing City, Changping District is the case. In order to promote the better development of local entrepreneurship, Beijing, Changping District pushed out four measures.

is a building in Huilongguan, "added back +" double community as the representative of the public record space, business base, small business incubators such as double carrier, to guide local labor to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation base region a total of 46 companies, 2018 enterprises settled, the number of business incubators exceeded 30.

two is the cultural and creative industry, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging industries to recruit local workers and Small and micro businesses to expand the scope of subsidies, subsidies and entrepreneurship award.

three is a joint Beijing University of Agriculture, Beijing Institute of labor and social security to carry out local students entrepreneurship training college graduates of 5 universities in Changping, set up the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial project selection training courses, college graduates to enhance local students nearby and local entrepreneurship.

four is a green business development relying on the Changping District characteristic agriculture, tourism and leisure industry, villages and households to implement the "on-site one-stop" small loans for evaluation, encourage local rural labor through the form of characteristic farmyard to carry out green business. Up to now, a total of 6 million 430 thousand small loans issued to carry out entrepreneurship training of 1230 people.

Beijing is a thriving area of Chinese entrepreneurship, and with the implementation of these four initiatives, I believe that Beijing will usher in greater development of entrepreneurship. More importantly, will be able to meet the pursuit of more entrepreneurs, so as to realize the dream of entrepreneurs, so that entrepreneurship to promote employment, and promote economic development.

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