Business investment in food and beverage industry in Sichuan catering revenue highs

food and beverage industry as the market has not industry, is the so-called "hunger breeds discontentment, eating is fundamental to the human body, in the current wave of entrepreneurship, catering for investment, is a very good choice! Sichuan food and beverage revenue is high, the majority want to start a friend, you can choose a strength brand project, began Nuggets market, harvest rich wealth.

high-end food and beverage stabilized rebound, mass consumption of food and beverage, food and beverage development in Sichuan continued to accelerate this year, the cumulative growth rate has reached a new high. The first half of 2016, Sichuan catering income 108 billion 60 million yuan, an increase of 13.9%, the growth rate hit a new high since December 2012, 0.5 percentage points faster than the first quarter, 2.1 percentage points faster than the same period last year, compared with 2013, 2014 and 2015 3.8, 3.8 and 1.6 percentage points, the consumer goods market in the first half of the contribution rate of growth 16.4%, compared with a quarter increase of 1.2 percentage points.

economic development, people’s living standard has been greatly improved, gradually increase the number of eating out, and the fast pace of life, people rely on for food, have greatly promoted the development of the catering industry. Sichuan food and beverage revenue is high, you want to venture, join the ranks quickly!

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