After 80 memories of happy farm

believe that after 80 must remember those years together to play happy farm, once in order to play the game in the morning to wake up just to steal food". And few people know that this game is actually three after 80 invention.

by virtue of the "happy farm" creation myth, "five minutes" has entered the fast track of development. However, the entrepreneurial process, the experience of these young people know little about.

2006, Shaofei Gao graduated from East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai College of science and technology to obtain venture capital funds 150 thousand yuan subsidy, founded an information services company, now called five minutes in Shanghai Network Technology Co. ltd.. "A gang of three men, small Gao Xiangyuan studying in the United States proposed Xu City business plan, Xiao Xu did not get a degree of excitement, they decided to return home. The same as the "call to come" and Cheng Yanhui. Xu Cheng said: "we were away from home very early, very independent, hope to do business, a business of his own."

By the end of

2008, a financial tsunami hit, making this start-up companies worse: no one wants to outsource the site, the rapid decline in the volume of cases, employees have to leave. They realized that: to stand firm, to be bigger, only to break the status quo to earn foundry labor sporadic money, the creation of their own brand. They decided to change again. Three people from the social networking site of the game application began, the choice of small funds, the scale of the five minute SNS (social networking services) game start. "Like the name of the company, five minutes can make the player happy." Gao Shaofei said.

2008 at the beginning of November, the "happy farm" in the first line, the suddenness of a thunderbolt swept the world of the Internet, creating a nationwide "steal food" myth of the SNS, which had a great impact on the industry and users, even the school network bosses are in play. Gradually, almost everyone in the office was stealing food".


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