How to allow customers to recognize your price

in business negotiations, a lot of people because the price can not talk about the failure of cooperation. We should try our best to deal with price differences. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good ideas, let your confidence in the negotiations in the foot, so as to persuade them to agree with your point of view.

Strategy: transfer perspective, market value of

will transfer from the price to the customer. The overall product value perception. Miss Zhang, do you think the more expensive in terms of price, I also agree with your opinion, but this is the truth, like Benz as compared to the general brand car is much more expensive…… also, the same product distribution in our factory, we have the strength of manufacturers and brands, for customer service and guarantee confidence can let you buy the rest assured, this is to buy satisfactory value, even before you spend a little money, but buys is your family and friends praise and security, you say this is not a little more money than the surface,

is worth?

when the customer requires no discount: Miss Zhang, you put the discount request I fully understand that, if I was a customer I will have the same requirements. However, you did not think, manufacturers would also like to sell at the highest price but will not actually market by the manufacturer unilateral form, manufacturers also have to consider the market factors and the affordability of consumers, therefore, the manufacturers pricing also fully consider these factors. However, we also hope that customers can also understand that if the manufacturers regardless of the interests of customers, regardless of the quality to reduce costs, reduce the price, I believe this is what customers want to see, so I believe that if you can understand this, keep a proper price, this is their own interests.

Strategy four:

reasoned, patient persuasion

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