Tianjin Goubuli join advantage

Tianjin is the China Goubuli baozi do the renowned Chinese and foreign, to borrow the old saying: steamed tick ticket, Goubuli store name not only unique, taste is a must. Then the Tianjin Goubuli steamed bun, what would happen?

2007, the national authority recognized, "Goubuli" brand value of 757 million, Tianjin ranked first in the country of the time-honored, time-honored twenty-sixth. "Goubuli" trademark in 2009 by the national authoritative organization named the Tianjin City, the only one of "the most competitive service brand", enhance brand value to the catering industry in the top two. "Goubuli" steamed was selected as a state banquet in the great hall for food, become the wheaten food first award of the enterprise. "Senior technician Goubuli" also been invited to Zhongnanhai and the Great Hall of the people, to provide on-site service for the performing party and state leaders and guests from all countries, highly.

join advantage:

1, that is the value of the system — Goubuli special trade name, trademark, plaque, corporate culture, decoration style, food formula, manufacturing process, service standards, quality standards, technical training and financial management etc..

2, technical strength – the group has a highly efficient, innovative, highly collaborative spirit of the technical elite team. With the international culinary masters of 1, the national culinary masters, 16 teachers, 2 provincial and municipal service master, master of culinary masters, service 6, one or two national 26 technicians, national level pastry chef, 100 service division.

3, get the honor — since the last century since 80s, Goubuli to health, the integrity of the corporate image and good business performance to win the world widely recognized and competent authorities at all levels of the praise, won the "Chinese delicacy Award", "Chinese restaurant brand", "international famous restaurant" dozens of national honors only the last two years and awards, won the two great gold heavyweight national honorary title: 2003 was the China business famous enterprise title, in 2004 by the Chinese commercial credit enterprise (Grade A).

The development trend of

4, Goubuli franchise — began to try to carry out the franchise by "Goubuli" this well-known brand since the last century at the beginning of 80s. In 1980 the first franchise chain opened in Beijing, has maintained good business performance. Since the group in the steady, moderate development and achieve win-win principle, steadily promote the development of franchise chain.

Tianjin Goubuli currently in the creation of the national franchise stores more than 70, more than 40 city throughout the country 18 provinces, the annual sales income of nearly 300 million yuan. 20>

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