The clothing store shop must cost profit forecast

clothing industry has been very fire, but also do not need to spend too much money to open a clothing store, is a small business, so many friends want to open a clothing store. So, how to estimate the cost and profit of clothing store? Open clothing store profit space? How can I know whether their clothing store profit? Today Xiaobian to introduce you to the clothing store estimated cost profit, allowing you to be aware of.

in the industry, each piece of clothing in the shop, the owner generally will increase about 50%. If calculated in accordance with the single purchase price of 60 yuan per piece, so you have to sell 90 yuan, gross profit is 30 yuan; if the purchase price is 50 yuan, so each piece of clothing can be sold at 75 yuan, gross profit is 25 yuan, a decrease of 5 yuan in profits, but this has become your advantage.

second cases: if others see you a sell 75 yuan to 75 yuan, the price adjustment, so your gross profit is 25 yuan, while others of the gross profit is 15 yuan, your profit is still at the highest point;

third cases: if the clothing sales smoothly, others to cost and to sell 90 yuan, you sell 75 yuan, then your piece prices less than others 15 yuan, you seem to reduce profits, but because of the quality, the same style, can be very strong than you, so the volume will go beyond the others, according to the calculation of 1: 1.5 of the turnover value, your profit is still the highest, but under normal circumstances, you are at a low price when the other owner is unable to adhere to the high price, so the clothing will be unmarketable, so you can only be led, sold back to second cases;

Fourth cases: if the range of unsalable, you can with 55 yuan a price clearance, while the other owner has to 65 yuan a price clearance, your loss is still the lowest.

There is a strong relationship between the cost and profit of


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