Small business should pay attention to matters

After all,

is already small business, different from those of the rich and powerful, just a mess, are generous, choose the project either before, or post operation, should pay attention to many aspects, the following Xiaobian will introduce you to the specific matters of small business should pay attention to!

1, the business is to contribute to the public service, therefore, it is a reasonable profit should be paid. 2, can not always stare at the customer, can not be entangled.

3, the location of the good or bad, more important than the size of the store; the quality of goods, but also better than the location of the good or bad. 4, goods are arranged in order, will not necessarily lead to good business, but is out of order of the store, often have customers.

5, the object of the transaction as their loved ones. Whether can get the support of the customer, decide the rise and fall of the store. 6, sales of flattery, not as good after-sales service. This is the "permanent customer" rule.

7, to the customer’s blame, as "God’s word", regardless of what is to blame, be happy to accept. 8, do not have to worry about the lack of funds, the concern is the lack of credit. 9, procurement should be stable, simplified.

10, only spend one yuan of customers, than spend one hundred yuan of customers, the business is more fundamental to the prosperity of. 11, do not force sales. It’s not about what customers like, but what they sell to customers.

12, to more working capital. One hundred yuan turnover of funds for the ten time, it became a $one thousand. 13, meet the customers to return goods, attitude to sell more than the original and.

14, a shop when Mianchi responsibility, or husband and wife, is to get rid of the customer "recipe". 15, the sale of good goods is a good thing, for the promotion of good goods is a good thing.

16, to have such a strong sense of self-confidence and responsibility: if I do not engage in such sales, the community can not be successful. 17, to wholesalers to be kind. If you are right, you have to speak frankly.

of course, there are a lot of content, which as a result of layout problem, not one by one to show you, but these details are invariably will become your success in the way to get rich help, then let your own business more easily!

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