Kao barbecue restaurant shop is making money

barbecue meal, in our lives, has been very popular food. Almost in the streets, we can see the figure of barbecue rice. Undoubtedly, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose Kao barbecue meal business stores, the shop is made!

why why Kao barbecue meal?

The three meaning

"KAO": "baked", the flagship restaurant dishes by roasting; to the world, but emotional catharsis and refuse to be cowed or submit attitude to life; "test", all kinds of tests facing life. Lv Qiang said, life is like a piece of pork, to stand the test, to be beautiful.

Kao! Is a restaurant brand, and Kao! Barbecue rice is its flagship product, Kao! =kao+, that is the future Kao! On the basis of the current SKU on the basis of the potential of the brand and the line under the store space, hatching more derivative categories, the formation of a IP attribute to eat ecology.


entrepreneurs choose to join the market is always very delicacy, with market development space project selection. If you also want to have a brand of their own franchise stores, then, to choose Kao barbecue restaurant franchise bar!

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