College students have graduated from the business model of Shi Guoqiang million net worth

graduated from the choice of a difficult road to entrepreneurship, these college students is undoubtedly full of courage and perseverance. However, there are some people in the campus has begun to explore opportunities. Anhui Agriculture University, a student has not yet graduated from the three venture, now he has ten million worth, people envy.

the first business errands daotie 2 yuan

a lose 2 piece of business, so now has tens of millions of dollars of net worth of Agricultural College of art senior Shi Guoqiang has in mind.

2011 years, want to do his own career, he has just entered the university soon, catch up with the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday. The first week of school life after military training, he summoned the roommate of four, set up their own campus run errands company. "I am mainly responsible for the orders, the other three people in charge of errands", he said, the first single has appeared beyond the sense of accomplishment when money brings joy, although the last pen takeout errands also daotie 2 yuan. At that time the campus errands business volume began to increase exposure opportunities. National Day Eve, they shed 3000 pieces of business name card on campus, the students own ticket costs and hire them to run errands calculate the cost comparison, decided to carry out purchasing train ticket service, "national day of the week we earn 4000 yuan".

life compared to the first pot of gold, 2 yuan of money to lose more value, Shi Guoqiang said, they realize that no matter the size of the investment funds, the importance of cost calculation and risk control.

campus part-time company raid

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