How to let you shop baby first time was found

online shop now is not a new thing, and just look at the scene of the popular Taobao can know how many people do business online. However, how to do a good job of Taobao, how to make your baby quickly found by the buyer, these skills you know?


buyers search keywords in the input words baby baby search bar, everyone with everyone the input keywords are not the same. In order to be able to better allow buyers to search your baby, your keywords must be reflected in the name of the baby, or within the scope of the search engine allows, so the baby name to write the more the better. So no matter what aspects of the buyer from the search baby, your baby is the probability of buyers to search are great. Oh,

A, established with the real value of the baby,

keywords of your content is only to search or only to your visitors and customers?

B, then the key words from the above is the key to the search, then the key words on the location of the important, which can be linked to other places, such as the store announcement. You can have any recent promotions, the baby said that the name of the special.   is also very important; let the buyer at a glance />2, Links.

A link, a beauty shop, in the shop or message classification, and signature links to write each other information, if the seller finds the information you want to do, the link of the seller, they will take the initiative to link with you.

B, search out and you sell the same product sellers, asking them to exchange links with you. Mutually beneficial exchange links are beneficial to both parties.

C, in an important site advertising or in the directory to submit your store website.


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