Green ecological agriculture has become a new choice

ecological agriculture has been sought after in recent years, with the eyes of entrepreneurs on the early entry into the field of eco agricultural entrepreneurship, green economic development model to obtain a high entrepreneurial profits.

built home contracted wasteland; Fu apricot orchard

last century mid 90s, Bohai Liu Chunming’s hometown of Huairou District village came the news: a few years ago, the village built in the southwest of the village Bank funded that piece of 160 acres of apricot, because the land is thin, the orchard is barren, ready for a savvy contract, in order to save the endangered wild apricot. Who Chengxiang, the village loudspeaker for several days, but this No one shows any interest in the village cadres, burning with impatience, hope to have a hard to understand the pedestrian package under the orchard, or let the orchard play good economic benefits. While in the capital construction industry 17 years of hard work, has risen to the position of project manager Liu Chunming, beyond all expectations, made a surprising decision: to resign back to the village contract that deserted apricot.

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