2012 prelude to open jewelry store tips

, I believe many people have noticed that the jewelry market has been increasing trend, so many people expect a card belonging to their own jewelry shop in 2012, but the work can not be ignored.

Open the shop should pay attention to the location of


is rent, transfer fees, fees, health fees, management fees and taxes. Rent is the best control in 3 months to pay, so that the speed of return of funds; transfer fee is ignored by many newcomers, the transfer fee is the highest risk.

Attention should be paid to the rent and the flow of people to open the shop

The area of

on the current market and people’s consumption habits, operating jewelry shop is worth a permanent investment, join economic projects. Of course, to be in an invincible position in the fierce competition, the goods more profit, scientific management methods and reasonable business philosophy is indispensable, it must require investors to have adequate preparation and careful management. For the jewelry franchisee how to make your own success, then we do not read the global network Xiaobian early post: Jewelry success points: choose carefully, cautiously, that will help investors.

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