College Students’ entrepreneurial experience

throughout the 2015, the enthusiasm of college students become unprecedented enthusiasm, more and more entrepreneurs set foot on the road to active entrepreneurship, respectively, in different fields to write their own entrepreneurial experience. What about the entrepreneurial status of college students? May wish to listen to the words of the following College entrepreneurs.

I just graduated last year:


was with a few friends planned to set up a network technology company on campus. This is a painful but a period of rapid growth, the 3 person team no one understand, then thought to hire someone to write requirements, build framework, give the technical personnel to develop OK. The results put covers yuan, the software has not started to promote, project is dead. Later analysis of the cause of death, that is, the operation is not stable, the technical staff of the test results also said that we framed the wrong. Because do not understand technology, hundreds of thousands of yuan a small noise nor daleshuipiao.

In fact, I returned to Ji’nan after the

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