Beijing launched a number of initiatives to improve global innovation within 5 years

today is an era of innovation and competition, innovation in addition to their own efforts, but also inseparable from the government’s powerful help. Beijing launched a number of entrepreneurial assistance policy, determined to achieve a breakthrough in 5 years, has become an important innovation in the world has an important position in innovation and entrepreneurship.

10 19, "on the implementation of the views of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation vigorously" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") on behalf of the municipal government issued clear Beijing support "hit rhythm and specific measures. Next, will be in personnel, finance, market environment, intellectual property rights, international cooperation and other key areas and key links to policy breakthroughs.

for scientific and technical personnel, will encourage institutions of higher education and research institutes of scientific and technological achievements into additional jobs, allowed to have scientific and technological achievements of teachers and scientific and technical personnel in a certain period of time to leave the original full-time position to start a business.

for college students, to carry out research on entrepreneurial social security registration pilot in the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, promote college students Pioneering Park construction, support entrepreneurship services for college students to provide mentors, business training and other services.

in financial services, will support the development of the National SME share transfer system, to promote the Internet and high-tech enterprises listed equity registration; explore the docking mechanism establishment registration department and regional equity market, support entrepreneurial enterprises to carry out equity pledge financing; to encourage inter agency private product pricing and service systems in Beijing for development. Entrepreneurial enterprises expand financing channels.

The layout of the   /

will be built in the "double" North South Development Zone

"opinions" pointed out that Beijing will build innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Zone south. Based on research and development services and service innovation of high-tech industry development and innovation in the northern belt, northern Haidian District, southern Changping District and part of Shunyi District District recommended

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