Create youth Sichuan university students entrepreneurship contest in the school selection

campus entrepreneurship competition is not only to stimulate the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship, but also in the training of people’s entrepreneurial ability. Entrepreneurs should sign up to recognize their entrepreneurial ability.

3 23, Sichuan University, Jinjiang college in 2016, creating a youth college students in Sichuan entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the classroom in the 8410, 8412. 60 entrepreneurial team selection after the team reporting, qualification, pre school recommendation, the school and the school evaluation expert review text text links to participate in the final.

The final

actively preparing for   field strength

Defense Exhibition

the final day on the afternoon, the team completed the team’s talent shows itself projects within the prescribed time and answer the judges questions. The scene in the game, each team through the video, PPT statements and other forms, respectively, from the project overview, products and services, market analysis, corporate strategy, management, financial analysis, risk control and a full range of team strength, product highlights and business prospects and other relevant circumstances.

in front of the judges sharp questions, each team defense representatives actively respond to the warm atmosphere of tension. In the end, "Rui Feng Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.", "portable power supply system" and "orange project" and other 20 works won the first prize in the school.


selection at this time to create a good atmosphere in the campus public entrepreneurship, innovation ", to promote the creation and innovation of college students in Sichuan University Jinjiang college, help to improve the college students’ innovation level and practical ability, Sichuan University recommended

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