Entrepreneurial ideas thirty thousand open house porridge let you buy a car in January

drink a bowl of porridge has now become employees of the hope, now speed up the pace of life, many families want to have a "porridge shop" near the house, can you cook the tired, but also to drink some special "special porridge", is the people. "Porridge", on the one hand is due to eat porridge is convenient and cheap; on the other hand is the public "porridge" in the pursuit of delicious at the same time, into the "tonic" and "beauty" effect, such as small rice, rice pudding, bean porridge, various Chrysanthemum porridge, preserved egg porridge, pork porridge walnut porridge, porridge, porridge, blood red dates and medicated porridge with rich nutrition, popular. A multitude of names of fish congee, chicken congee, medicine crab porridge, preserved egg lean meat gruel, porridge is also very complex market.

Dianzhi choice:

Design and layout of


traditional farmhouse style and modern.

business ideas:

1, in different seasons as the background, to sell seasonal porridge. In the hot summer, the introduction of a number of "melon" as the main raw material porridge. Such as bitter gourd porridge, porridge, porridge, gourd watermelon cucumber porridge?? winter, do mutton porridge, red dates porridge, mutton mutton garlic gruel lotus.

2, nutritional value and a touch of nostalgia as a selling point "system of roughage porridge". Coarse grain porridge to authentic is the best.

The characteristics and differences of

4, the timely introduction of relevant folk and solar term porridge, such as Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, plus the eight treasure porridge, red bean porridge.

porridge as semi liquid food, rich nutrition, good taste, as the saying goes "porridge people, especially the elderly people can drink some porridge, fitness and longevity, convenient" porridge "good market opportunities!


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