Printing machine ten brand list

in a variety of professional office supplies, printing machine is widely used in the market, but also the birth of the brand is also very much, thus forming a printing machine ten brand list, brings more space for people’s choice. Then, inkjet printer which brand is good? Let us come to know the industry brand.

printer ten brands list NO.1, HP HP, HP China Co. Ltd.:

was founded in 1939 in the United States, the World Fortune 500 company, the world’s top 500 brands, industry leading brands, large-scale multinational enterprises, HP (China) Co. ltd..

printer ten brands list NO.2, Roland Roland – Sunshine International Trade Co. Ltd. (China):

was founded in 1981 in Japan, the world’s leading provider of photo printing machine, brand competitive machine industry, Synnex international trade (China) total agency ltd..

printer ten brands list NO.3, MUTOH Muto – Beijing Asialink Digital Technology Co., Ltd:

was founded in 1952, Wuteng Industries Ltd.’s global, large piezoelectric printers leading brand, Beijing Asialink Digital Technology Co. Ltd. agent.

printer ten brands list NO.4, MIMAKI Mimaki Shanghai Mimaki tradding Co. Ltd:

originated in Japan, focused on large enterprises large format inkjet printing equipment R & D and manufacturing of the world’s leading brands, photo machine, Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co. ltd..

printer ten brands list NO.5, color of God – Shenzhen city Run Tianzhi digital equipment Limited by Share Ltd:

with independent intellectual property rights of national high-tech enterprises, large format inkjet printer national standard drafting unit, Shenzhen city digital jet digital equipment Limited by Share Ltd.

printer ten brands list, NO.6 Industry Group Co. Ltd.:

– gongzhneg

was founded in 1997, Zhejiang province famous brand, famous brand of national key high-tech enterprises, equipment, advertising industry leading enterprises, Industry Group Co. ltd..

printer ten brands list NO.7, teckwin — development Shanghai teckwin Limited by Share Ltd:

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