Business lesson brothers to the autumn harvest

business is not very encouraging entrepreneurial success stories, there are also some failures, and we can do is to find the lessons learned from these failure cases, to avoid their future again.

26 years old Wu was the envy of friends object. He had 5 years old housing rental outlets, although the scale is not large, but profitable. However, a year after the partners are scattered, outlets have been closed down, Xiao Wu said with a wry smile he is "back to the night before liberation".

"Three Musketeers" a year after the venture became stranger

work for two years, I feel into the bottleneck, doing meaningful, I want to come out of "solo", also want to pull Liu He into small. I put the idea that they are very supportive. The three of us are not local people, but also did not get married, less worry, said dry do.

The first gold

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