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Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire, 31 years old, he has been in the cause and the life of a double harvest, which makes many people cast envious eyes. Rather than envy, do not come to see his way to success? Zuckerberg found in the six factors of success, I believe will be useful to you.


"the highest grass would be the first cut by the scythe." Russian proverb

The cornerstone of any successful person is

too show their ambitions may make you defeat, but to be successful, ambition is essential. The challenge is how to properly express ambition and control your emotions around ambition. When the Winklevoss brothers (Winklevoss) started to hire Zuckerberg developed social networking site for them, Zuckerberg had never revealed the ambition to build their own website. It wasn’t until later that the Clay Voss brothers knew about Zuckerberg’s ambition, but it was too late.

visionA defect on the design of

allows MySpace users to customize their own personal page. This mixed things caused a chaotic environment, makes users more love Facebook simple interface.

Facebook does not have any revolutionary vision, however, Facebook is commendable Zuckerberg and others realize that people really need is a real name of the directory, rather than the user directory. Before Facebook, it’s almost impossible to find someone on the Internet, you can search for them on Google, but not necessarily the one you’re looking for. Now, we have to find someone on the Internet as a matter of course, to expand the search, the establishment of the relationship between people is undoubtedly a kind of progress. It is worth mentioning that most of the success is not entirely innovation, but the existing technology or product development and improvement.

critics may have noticed Zuckerberg sometimes lack of personal charm. At this point, personal charisma depends on the individual’s vision: it allows you to convince others to agree with your vision, but the charm itself is not essential to success. For Zuckerberg, he had a good fortune, and the rapid growth of Facebook made up for his lack of personal charm.

The execution of

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