2012 Wangzhuan inventory

2012, what the project is profitable projects, are now looking at the development of science and technology, the network has become one familiar, but it can also become our business a good helper, a lot of people probably think, it also contains abundant business opportunities.


] single fried network

I have registered a network company, is actually a handbag company, not to recruit people, find former colleagues from smuggling this company, I received 10% go pure single (including 6% tax); I only charge a single collaboration making part of the cost; the information disclosed to me, I’m tracking operation. This single I also give 30%. In this way, more and more friends, the opportunity has come a lot, but then the company reputation in the peer is not very good, engage in a year, canceled.

] / Human Resources AgencyAt present, the Pearl River Delta


] carpool


] Wangzhuan distribution

mentioned above refers to the network you can not understand the customers to do business, but as long as you know how to do network promotion can. Not all the boss will give you the money, there are many bosses often say: "you do first, rest assured, there is not bad money, you think the boss" person to be careful, my principle is not rabbits not spread eagle, don’t give me the money I do. Because people’s understanding is different, do not receive money, you are always in a passive. This kind of thing can’t be done. If some simple operations, one can know the operation, it can be directly involved in business dealings, such as Le Qi point reading pen company has a network distribution policy, as long as you can through the network operation, the deal does not affect his company based in the unified market price, Le Chi point reading pen the company is responsible for.

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