How to determine the promotional price to make business hot

want to make the promotion effect is good, often also need to have a suitable promotion price. However, how to determine the price of promotion, but also troubled by a lot of people. So, how to promote the sales price to make business hot? Let us together to analyze it.

illusion discount – give customers a different feeling

cheap things, certainly poor quality, which is a lot of consumers in the face of discount psychology. Therefore, the store mainly through other means of publicity to eliminate the doubts in the minds of customers, so that they feel that the quality of discounted goods has not declined. For example, the original price of goods and discount merchandise display comparison, explain in detail the identification method.

Time is precious. – customer stampede in

The promotion method of

"Time is precious." is to let the buyer free of panic buying of goods within the stipulated time, and sold at very low prices. For example, in your shop, every morning between 9 and 9 points to buy the goods between the points, you can deal with ultra low price of 05. This promotion does not seem to make money, but can actually help the store quickly gather popularity, bring potential customers.

critical price customer visual error

is called the critical price, that is, the visual and perceptual knowledge of the first illusion of the price. For example, to 100 yuan for the sector, then the critical price can be set to $99.9 or $99. The important role of this critical price is to give buyers a visual error, this product is not hundreds, but only a few dozen pieces. This is a lot of shops and shops often use price strategy.

ladder price – let customers worry

called the ladder price, is the price of goods with the passage of time changes. For example, new shelves on the first day of sales by half off, second days and forty percent off days, third thirty percent off, fourth twenty percent off days, fifth days and sixth days off, the original price. This creates a sense of urgency on the part of the customer, as early as possible to buy more cost-effective, reducing their time to hesitate. Of course, there are a lot of ladder pricing mode, you can according to their actual situation to determine, the purpose is not only to attract customers and not let the store at a loss.

price and discount – double benefits to customers

price plus discount is actually a commodity price cuts, but also a discount, double benefits overlay. For example, the price of 100 yuan of goods, for example, if the direct hit of forty percent off, a commodity will lose a profit of $40. But if we put the price of 100 yuan to reduce the price of $10, and then hit the twenty percent off, then the loss of a commodity profit is $28. But buyers feel the latter is relatively cool. >

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