Henan service industry the leading trend

in the process of economic development, with the constant adjustment of the industry, the maximum allocation of resources, the structure of the industry has also changed. Looking at the economic development of the 2016 Henan market, the service industry "leading" trend emerged, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

Zhengzhou Zheng Dong New District e-commerce building 57 small household electrical appliance enterprises, last year’s tax revenue exceeded $500 million in one fell swoop, more than the total amount of tax revenue in many counties in our province. A building to create more than a county tax, which is only a microcosm of the province’s construction of high growth service industry in the province.

6 11, released 2016 "service industry in Henan Province, the development of key areas of action plan", combined with the supply side structural reform, put forward the value added services this year more than 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached more than 41%, more in taxes over a hundred million yuan office, become a driving force of the new engine of economic development of the province.

service industry leading situation show

this year, the province’s agriculture, industry, service industry rankings from the past 312 gradually to the 321 change, the service industry has become the fastest growing industry in the province’s three industry.

in the first quarter of this year, our province service industry grew 10.5%, accounting for the proportion of GDP by 35.1% over the same period last year increased to 41.5%, the contribution rate of economic growth is increased from 23.5% to 50.6%, become the main force driving economic growth.

accounted for less than 30% from two years ago to now become the economic growth of the locomotive, the service industry in our province is in economic climbing over the ridge in the counter attack? Deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, said Li Heng, deputy director of the office of service development, the province’s most prominent experience is that through the service industry enterprises, projects and elements to promote the development of the "two zones" rapid development.

speed up the service industry to promote synergies

2014 in May, our province issued "on the construction of high growth services province opinions", to make the overall deployment of the province’s service industry development, put forward the "two zone" to build a service industry development "new heights"; in September of the same year, our province has issued the "notice" on further promoting the development of service industry of the policy, and from the land, finance, taxation, administrative approval has given "two zones" in the development of service industry in a number of preferential policies.

in recent years, frequent highlights of the development of the service industry in our province. Zheng Dong New District Central Business District 68 settled in the world and domestic top 500 enterprises, 264 financial institutions, the financial sector only accounted for half of the country’s output of business district. Neixiang County 2 kilometers of the characteristics of the business district, from 35 service enterprises above Designated Size and recommended